Silk Swing Fabric, Rigging & Mats

SILK SWING KIT: 11yds fabric, (2) Carabiners, (1) Rescue 8, (1) Swivel and (2) Daisy Chains. Assorted Colors. Add (2) Hammock Hitches for a complete convertible set of hardware. 

Hammock Hitch: 6.8mm, 19". You'll need (2) per hammock. One color only. Add to the SILK SWING KIT to make your hammock hitching easier and more enjoyable.

Hammock Hanging Kit, Load Capacity 1400 lb, Stainless Steel Hammock Hook Carabineer Set for Yoga Hammock Swing. You will not be using the unlocking carabineers. You can also purchase from hardware store.

SILK SWING Fabric by the Yard. Order 5 to10 yards depending on your ceiling height and intended use. Can easily be cut at home. Assorted colors. Machine Washable. 

TWIN TAILS RIGGING: (2) Carabiners, (1) Rescue 8, and (1) Swivel 

HAMMOCK RIGGING: (2) Daisy Chains. You'll also need (2) hammock hitches, above. I use the daisy chains to "wrap" the top of the hammock tight and to hang the swings over beams, rods or trees. 

1" Inch Thick "Responsive"  cushioning for feet, ankles, knee, hip, spine, wrists, elbows, shoulders and head. Easy to clean and as/disassemble for storage and portability. 

Magnesium Alloy Height Adjustable Aerial Rig. Light weight and portable. Easy to set up and take down. Comes with carrying case. The best rig on the market with the widest (55") top bar to accommodate specialized movements and multiple swing. 

Bosu Ball 65cm Balance Trainer for standing exercises using the Silks. Provides fluid and responsive contact with the entire bottoms of your feet. Can also be used to get in and out of the swings. 

Silk Swing Clothing & Accessories

High quality, sleek fabric, high neck, long sleeve, unitard with reversible zipper. 

High quality, sleek fabric, scoop neck, long sleeve unitard. 

High Elasticity Lycra Swing Cap protects hair cuticle from abrasion and protects swing from hair products, oil and debris. Suitable for short and long hair. 

Leonisa Body Shaper/Smoother/Posture Corrector for Women, Undetectable Jumpsuit

Leonisa Body Shaper/Smoother/Posture Corrector for Women - Undetectable Step-in Mid-Thigh 

Leonisa Seamless Slimming Upper Arm Shaper Compression Vest with Posture Corrector

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