Silk Swing Equipment and Clothing

SILK SWING KIT: 11yds fabric, (2) Carabiners, (1) Rescue 8, (1) Swivel and (2) Daisy Chains. Assorted Colors. 

SILK SWING Fabric by the Yard. Order 10 yards. Assorted colors. 

Hammock Hitch: 6.8mm, 19". You'll need (2) per hammock. One color only. 

HAMMOCK RIGGING: (2) Carabiners, (2) Daisy Chains. You'll also need (2) hammock hitches, above. 

Stainless Steel Swing Hanger, 360 degree rotation, 1000 lbs rating. Reduces torque on ceiling structure. Omit twin tails rigging swivel and (1) carabiner when in use. 

TWIN TAILS RIGGING: (2) Carabiners, (1) Rescue 8, and (1) Swivel 

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