The Silk Swing Studio is the first of its kind offering Viscoelastic Therapeutics as a reliable remedy for loneliness, anxiety, depression, pain and suffering. Our proprietary use of aerial silk fabric mimics the effects of a womb or cocoon in generation and regeneration of bio-psycho-spiritual growth and repair. This luxurious and sensuous practice  immediately calms the nerves and regulates the pressure, tension, and resistance of whole body fascia in less than 20 minutes. Sign up now for a free consultation to learn how the Silk Swings can help you and how you can get started. 


 In 2014, at the age of 51, I suffered a traumatic automobile accident that disabled me for years with chronic pain, PTSD, deformity and disfigurement. Prior to that, I was an award winning athlete, business professional, multi-certified Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Director. I had healed from paralysis in my late teens and an emergency C-Section in my early 30's. I saw every kind of traditional, complementary and alternative healer with little to no positive outcome. I scoured the internet and returned to medical school. I was desperate for a solution. And then, one day, it appeared. A simple piece of fabric. This fabric was like connective tissue, an external ligament that supported me as a womb, or a cocoon. My pain was assuaged and I began to feel whole again. Memories of power returned. At first I used one swing, then two, then three, the magic of the fabric drawing me deeper into its potential for healing. I reversed years of atrophy, numbness and depression. I even looked happy and talked with optimism about my future. My doctors called it a miracle. I came to believe, as one must in such circumstances, that this happened to me for a reason, my entire life a preparation for what was to become through. I stopped asking, "Why did this happen to me?" and realized "This happened to me SO THAT I could bring to life a very real and tangible solution to a world gripped by an epidemic of prolonged separation, anxiety, pain and suffering.

Aerial Silk's plasticity is perfectly suited to the human body's fluid dynamics and viscoelasticity. Unlike any other form of exercise or therapy on the market, the silks provide a fluid matrix for spiral stimulus of the body's mechanoreceptors in all layers and directions of connective tissue: fluids, neurons, tissues, organs, ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones. It provides weightless compression, resistance, tension and traction to reinforce intrinsic spiral connections, remodel soft tissue and elicit neurological response. The result is an immediate calming of the nervous system, followed by sensory integration, primal movement, fully oxygenated breathing, and sometimes, spontaneous utterance. As if the body knows what to do, and the swings encourage it to happen, stimulating generation, growth, and repair.



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