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 silk swing therapy 
Pain Release and Soft Tissue Remodeling
 nerves • joints • ligaments • tendons • muscle • fascia

swing your pain away
in just minutes a day
in the comfort of your home • without breaking the bank



Science now confirms that loss of viscoelasticity in fluids, nerves, ligaments, tendons and fascia is the prime determinant of chronic and complex health conditions. Studies show there’s a relationship between viscoelasticity, chronic pain, mental health and even cancer. It turns out, that everything is regulated by your viscoelasticity, including the extracellular matrix and your cerebrospinal fluid. 


What if I could show you how to tap into your viscoelastic intelligence to immediately calm your nervous system, ease tissue tension and renew your mind in just minutes a day, in the comfort of your home, without breaking the bank?


The Silk Swing Solution is a  Revolutionary Whole Body Viscoelastic Recovery Aid that can reverse months and even years of chronic pain, physical limitation and depression even if no other form of  treatment or therapy has been effective to date. Rest assured, help is in the way!


Hi. My name is Robin Lawson and I am the Author of “Swing Your Pain Away” and the Founder of the Silk Swing Solution. I am an award winning athlete, environmentalist, textile scientist, yoga instructor, and spiritual director all woven together in the philosophy and science of the Silk Swing Therapy.

At the age of 51, I suffered a high velocity rotational whiplash injury that disabled me for years with chronic pain, complex PTSD, spinal deformity, and cognitive/motor/sensory deficits. I had recovered from paralysis in my late teens, and an emergency C-section in my early thirties, but could not recover from my whiplash injuries. I saw every kind of traditional, complementary and alternative medical provider with little to no positive outcome.

I scoured the internet looking for answers. I was desperate for a solution. And then, one day, it appeared; a simple piece of fabric. At first I used one swing, then two, then three, the magic of the fabric drawing me deeper into its potential for healing. I felt like I was being “knit” and “glued” back together in the finest structures of my being. Memories of power returned and my body told me what to do; pressing, pulling, pushing and squeezing myself back into existence. I came to realize I had discovered how to tap into the same viscoelastic intelligence that knit me together in my mother’s womb. I was literally self-reassembling.

Overtime and with consistent use, I reversed years of pain, atrophy, numbness and depression. I grew new neurological connections and remodeled my soft tissue. My neck, back, tendons, ligaments and joints were renewed. I even looked happy and talked with optimism about my future. My doctors called it a miracle.

Silk Swing Therapy, is a unique pain release and viscoelastic renewal program that works like nothing else can. The elastomeric silk swings "fill in the gaps", "close the loops" and "renew plasticity" in nerves, ligaments, joints, tendons and fascia in just a few minutes a day. Rest assured, help is on the way!


The Silk Swing Solution is affordable, effective and easy to use. It is adaptable to any age or body type and beneficial for most every malady and condition. It comforts, soothes and supports while regenerating, repairing and remodeling.


Book a Free Consultation with me to get a personalized Silk Swing Therapy Program designed for your unique constitution.


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Why Spend Another Day in Pain When You Don't Have To?


Join the Viscoelastic Revolution and Swing Your Pain Away with me!

Why spend another day in pain when you don't have to?






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